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August 2017

Qingjian Sells 250 Units on Preview Date for Le Quest

Le Quest is an upcoming real estate project made up of different units which are owned separately but act jointly as one. It is located at Bu kit Batik West Ave 6 and its developers are the Chinese developer Qingjian Reality who had the highest bid compared to the eleven companies who offered their bids. The starting pricing details of various units in the Le Quest project differs with the different sizes of the units. The studio will start at five hundred and eighty eight thousand dollars this is an average affordable price. The studio will bring a source of employment in the society and will also be an entertainment center for the Le Quest community. The one bedroom will go from six hundred and forty eight thousand dollars. This will give an opportunity to people with fair income to have an opportunity to leave amongst this outstanding community.

Le Quest Sells 250 Units on Preview Day

There is the two bed roomed unit going for seven hundred and fifty eight thousand dollars which is quite remarkable, offering one with more space with an additional bedroom at a fair pricing. There is the three bed roomed unit which will go at nine hundred and ninety thousand dollars which is very suitable for a family. With two bedrooms for the children and one master bed roomed for the parents but isn’t limited to only family for any one well capable can have a chance too. Le Quest sells 250 Units on preview day and the response was better than expected.

There is the four bed roomed unit going from one million one hundred and eighty thousand. Just like the three bed roomed this unit can be suitable for even bigger families but does not limit to a family only. Anyone can have it.

Reponse for Le Quest Better than Expected

The Le Quest is to comprise of forty nine retail shops, forty nine restaurants, one food court, one supermarket and one childcare center all under fourteen thousand and ninety one square meters. The supermarket will be at least one thousand square meter. This will serve the La Quest owners by bringing them a wide variety of different products to buy from right in their community.
The food court will be at five hundred square meters and it will carter for the daily meals for the La Quest residents and its neighbours. It will be a very effective place to access fast foods and also a variety of meals. The childcare center will take care of the various children’s needs.

Le Quest Qingjian Sells 250 Units on Preview Day

This magnificent project will include; a picnic ground, 50 meter lap pool, aqua lounge, social room, chill-out lounge, reading room, club house, zen garden, stone pool, tranquil lawn, dining alfresco all which are meant to bring your senses alive and relax. There will also be; a family pool, bubble jet, sculpture water feature, family pavilion, dining pavilion, sky BBQ which are all meant to help you bond with your loved ones.
There is also: a gym, spa lobby, therapy pool, putting green, reflective water feature which will all be part of a healthy lifestyle. There is the tennis court, the retreat, kids pavilion, residential arrival lobby, children’s playground, BBQ pavilion which will keep up the zest of life. Lastly there will be; a maze garden, garden trail, herb garden which will be convenient when having some quite time. 250 Units were sold on the preview date.

The one bed roomed comes with a study room, master bedroom, master bathroom, and kitchen with various storage areas, dining, living room, and a balcony for tenants who are looking for a bigger area. The two bed roomed also comes with a study room, master bedroom with a master bathroom, another bedroom a public bathroom, a living room and a dining room, kitchen with various store room, a/c ledge and a balcony.

The three bed roomed comes with a master bedroom and a master bathroom with two other bedrooms an extra bathroom, a utility room, a living and a dining room, kitchen with its store, and two a/c ledge. Four bedrooms comes with a master bedroom and bathroom, kitchen and its stores, three other bedrooms, a utility area, yard, two balcony, two a/c ledge, RC ledge. This is the Le Quest a home full of experiences.