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There is no question that Kampong Java Road is some prime real estate. It is where many different million-dollar properties are located. If you are in Singapore, then one of the tell-tale signs that you have “made it” would be acquiring one of these properties. This is why CELH Development was proud to announce their new acquisition in this neighborhood last January. They were awarded a 125,326.56 square foot tract of land by the URA. CELH Development is also excited by this new acquisition because this real estate is going to be utilized to constructed 400 new condo units. This new development could potentially provide housing to literally thousands of people, especially considering that Singapore continues to grow in population.

Kampong Java Bid by Kopar at Newton Condo

The bidding on this tender was very competitive. It actually received seven bids, and the winning bid by CELH Development was $418.4 million. CELH Development is well-known within the property development industry for being a heavy hitter, and they are also just a unit of the Chip Eng Seng Corporation. They faced some heavy competition from the second-place bidder, that of GLL D, which is a subsidiary of GuocoLand. Their bid was $417.2 million, and the third-place bidder was Greatview Investment’s MCC Land at a bid of $407.9 million.

Kopar at Newton Newton MRT Station

This real estate offering was put up for sale just a few months prior to this transaction being final. It was listed with a 99-year leasehold designation, and this listing possesses a total land-area of 11,643.2 square meters. When you consider that it also has a maximum permissable gross floor and living area of 32,601 square meters, this was definitely a solid investment.

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However, this wasn’t the only property investment transaction that has recently been accomplished. A nearby transaction by another property development heavy hitter merits some analysis as well. A 5,121.4 square meter tract of land that was designated as a new hotel site also attracted a significant number of tenders. The property was won by MidTown Development, a company that is part of the WorldWide Hotels Group. They placed a bid of $562.2 million for the property, and they were the top bidders out of eight companies vying for the spot. Of course, in this situation the URA was careful in their words, noting that this is not an “announcement of tender.” They also announced that they will have to fully evaluate all of the bids before they go forward with a decision on the tenders.

Parc Clematis Clementi MRT Station Park West

The famous Parc Clematis is here to stay. SingHaiYi Properties is also a great company that is developing a great project near Clementi MRT Station, Park West. Well, we are going to let you know what Clematis Park West Condo is all about so you can know more about it. The famous Clematis Park West Condo is just what the doctor ordered if you want t live the life of luxury that you have been seeking for a long time. The location of this development is truly awesome, so you should purchase one of the properties for sale here.

Parc Clematis Clementi MRT Station Former Park West

The amazing SingHaYi Group has sold this project successfully because they have done it with all the professionalism that they can muster. They know what they are doing, and that is the reason why they are so successful these days too. The Clematis Park West Condo costs almost a billion dollars. Yes, you have read it right, almost a billion dollars. This is the super expensive project that you need to live in so you can live the life that you have always dreamed of.

Parc Clematis Near to Clementi MRT Station

The outstanding Clematis Park West Condo has a wide array of amenities that will allow you to get what you need as soon as you can get them. There are also a wide array of transport options that you will enjoy too. Shopping will be a lot of fun again at Clematis Park West Condo too. The Clematis Park West Condo will allow you to live the convenient, unique lifestyle that you have worked so hard for these days. Living in Clementi is cool again thanks to the excellent Clematis Park West Condo too. Clement is a natural state town that you will appreciate too.

Parc Clematis Clementi Park Condo

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