The Hyde Condo Transport Near to Newton MRT Station

The Hyde Condo is located at Balmoral road, Singapore. It is touted as one of the best places to invest in real estate in Singapore. The Hyde Condo has every facility you can think of (swimming pool, gym, tennis court, guard house, club house, a function room and BBQ pits). and an unbelievably cosmopolitan lifestyle is waiting for the right owners. Upon close examination, we see that options are open and that opportunity to buy units is ripe right now. This project is prime property, suitable for investment and land owners can expect high returns immediately.

The Hyde Condo Transport Near to Newton MRT Station

The Hyde Condo is convenient for transport (because of the Newton MRT Station, the upcoming Stevens MRT Station, and the Central Expressway for buses – CTE), education (Raffles Girls Secondary School, Singapore Chinese Girls School and St. Joseph Institution), commercial areas (Newton Food Centre, Tangs Shopping Mall, and the iconic Shaw House), and of course, Orchard Road. Orchard Road is in fact the largest shopping road in all of Asia(!) and it is located at the core central of District 10. District 10 is a shopper’s paradise where just about anything you can think of is available.

Real Estate Prices for The Hyde Condo

Real estate increases in value over time. Some might argue that land is the best investment since its commercial value always appreciates sharply. Developed land is even more of an opportunity since the increase in value is often well over 300% in one year (on average). The Hyde Condo, being located at such a convenient place next to all these Singapore landmarks, is prime real estate. It is a gift for seasoned investors and owners to cash in on what will be an extremely profitable real estate deal over time. The value of the real estate can only appreciate steeply. Whether you’re investing short term or long term, the Hyde Condo is the ideal choice for investment.

The Hyde Condo Woh Hup Group

The Hyde Condo is constructed by the Woh Hup Group. The Woh Hup Group is a premier 91-year old construction and civil engineering company with 411 awards to their credit. This group is at the forefront of Singapore’s civil engineering and construction companies. Their commitment to excellence is second to none among Singapore’s civil engineering firms. They have always built iconic and beautiful buildings that are the most innovative and premium among Singapore’s real estate. The Hyde Condo is yet another monument to their commitment, true passion for excellence, and a genuine and lasting contribution to the Singaporean culture and community of this cosmopolitan city.

Park Colonial Condo Woodleigh Lane Heeton Holdings

This basically is a joint project between the Heaton Holdings, KSH Holdings and Chip Eng Seng Corporation. It is a new project which has a made quite an impact already, with some great achievements already having been witnesses in the region. There have already been several bids for plots of land involving the Park Colonial Condo. Two of these have stood out attracting the attention of various developers in the area. The bid ranking first involved a plot of land going at around 700700000U US Dollars, which could on a rough scale be translated to 1110 US Dollars for each single square feet of the plot.

Park Colonial Condo Woodleigh Lane Site and Floor Plans

This bid, for the given plot of land at Park Colonial Condo Woodleigh MRT, happens to be the second one to be started just near the Woodleigh MRT filling station. The first bid, as had earlier been pointed, had received a great interest from different developers. This is a very clear indication that the real estate market in Singapore is growing at a very fast pace. The number of bids being received shows just how quick local developers are responding to the bids that have been submitted by developers from foreign countries in the recent times. There is a tight margin witnessed among the four biggest bids, which shows that the developers value land along the same price structure. Please see the site and floor plans for the development by Chip Eng Seng and Heeton Holdings.

Park Colonial Condo Chip Eng Seng and Heeton Holdings

Being located in the vicinity of the upcoming towns of Bidadari and Bartley that have famous schools, the developments are quite promising. Park Colonial Chip Eng Seng can be supported by the fact that the streets leading there have numerous eateries and an even larger food market. The development sales have been scheduled to commence soon, with marketing agencies set to have a media expo set up for this development. Advertisements (both portable and permanent are already available, some of which 0would be in areas around the Woodleigh MRT Station and others along the Woodleigh lane.

The prime plot of land located just near the Woodleigh MRT Station has been in the spotlight. This is because of the competition between developers, with some submitting very substantial bids for the plot. It is estimated that about eight hundred units for Park Colonial can be built on the given plot of land, which was started by the government and has since seen a huge influx of developers from both the local and the foreign market. Some famous developers have also been seen submitting their bids for the same plot.

Park Colonial Condo KSH Holdings and Heeton Homes

The Park Colonial Condo plan of the site has various distinct facilities that range from tennis courts to indoor gyms to a guardhouse among others. It also has a swimming pool and a playground for children. All these facilities are meant for the entertainment of the entire family and loved ones. Park Colonial development is quite attractive, giving a good view of the picturesque landscape all to your satisfaction. It is well located, enabling easier access to shopping centers and other social amenities.

Another Park Colonial is located in Bidadari, a town that has been developing and plans are also underway to rebuild it so as to accommodate more amenities. It has a serene environment with many warm and welcoming people. It actually was developed by Heeton Holdings, which also has various other properties. Real estate investments have been prioritized by many developers who look forward to the appreciation of their properties.